How to book

Society Days

Good news for all resident golfers on Hacienda Riquelme!

The Hacienda Riquelme Golf Society play every Monday. However we need your support. Polaris have kindly agreed a green fee of 45 euros for those owners who do not have membership to help us get started. Insurance is not included in that price.

If you want to play with us on Monday, you must register by 1700 on the Saturday before.

You can register in a variety of ways:

To help us do the draw it is important to make sure that you put down your handicap and whether or not you require a buggy.

The draw and tee times will then be on display in the pro shop and the notice board by the changing rooms on the Sunday morning from 10am.

Please do not just turn up on Monday mornings. You need to register as above.

If you cannot play

If you have put your name down, please let us know if you cannot play. It will affect your fellow players if you do not.

Other days

If you want to play the course on other days, contact the Pro Shop on the phone number above or email them.